Epoxy Flooring

Take Your Concrete Surface to a Whole New Level

Epoxy flooring is a great way to decorate and protect you concrete at the same time. Learn more about our available CrewCoat Epoxy Flooring options!!!

Protect your surfaces with CrewCoat Epoxy Flooring!!! Concrete is a versatile material for indoor spaces like garages and basements as well as outdoor spaces like patios, driveways and walkways. It is, however, porous by nature and soaks up whatever may fall on it, be it gas, oil or normal dirt from wear and tear. Before you know it, your concrete surfaces are dark and dingy. Renew Crew’s CrewCoat Epoxy Flooring coats and protects your garages, basements and other concrete surfaces while also making them look better. With a range of colors and finish options, once drab concrete is transformed to a clean and protected surface.


Epoxy flooring doesn’t have to be visually boring!!

Enhance Your Residential or Commercial Properties


With CrewCoat, you can give your walkways and patio a fresh new look and finish that will add vibrancy and definition to your outdoor living space.


Whether you’re designing the ultimate “man-cave” or simply sprucing up your space, CrewCoat is the perfect solution for your garage. Make a statement or keep it fresh and modern … the choices are endless.


Create the perfect family-friendly space for active kids and pets. From ping-pong and billiards, to gaming and movie night, your floor will never show any wear and tear.


CrewCoat Epoxy Flooring will elevate your driveway and enhance the look of your home and landscaping with its elegant color and finish options.


If your office receives high foot traffic or withstands other rigors from machinery and equipment, CrewCoat is the ideal solution. From veterinary offices to car and truck showrooms, CrewCoat Epoxy Flooring can stand up to the dirt and grime of even the toughest jobs.

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